2018-2019 Conferences

    IgniteSTEM 2019 -- April 25th 2019, NYC

    IgniteSTEM 2019 -- March 29th 2019, Philadelphia

A peek into IgniteSTEM

Join education thought leaders for a conference near you.

With significant backing from Princeton University, Wolfram Alpha, Google Education, and more, IgniteSTEM brings together thought leaders to make the “classroom of the future” a reality. Through an international series of conferences, IgniteSTEM empowers educators and provides cutting edge ideas to disrupt STEM learning environments with education technology and project-based learning. Get to know why this matters.

    At the conference you can...

  • Experience a “hacking education” in a non traditional style
  • Listen to passionate education innovators about how they changed their own STEM field
  • Learn to increase student interest in STEM with makerspaces and design thinking
  • Work in small groups to create successful plans that connect STEM thought leaders to your school, community, or workspace
  • Receive professional development hours available for attending

  • After the conference you can…

  • Facilitate your own Hackathon with a Do-It-Yourself kit, "Hack-In-A-Box", and a Hacker Fund team member

  • 2018-2019 Conferences

    IgniteSTEM 2019 -- April 25th 2019, NYC

    IgniteSTEM 2019 -- March 29th 2019, Philadelphia

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Why IgniteSTEM?

When the IgniteSTEM conference finishes, you will leave with tangible deliverables that will provide every resource necessary to launch your own successful hackathon to change education forever. Take an in-depth look at igniteSTEM's global importance here.

Hack in a box

Starting your own hackathon can be daunting. You will leave IgniteSTEM with a box of tools that includes a mobile app, website, example projects, and strategies necessary to host successful hackathons.

Personal Mentor

IgniteSTEM's mentors have hosted successful hackathons and know exactly how to create outstanding hackathons, regardless of your situation. You will be assigned a personal mentor to help you build the hackathon that fits your specific needs.

Hack Clubs

Hacking is all about the community. You will become a member of hack clubs across the country that you can count on for support, and you will be able to grow the club in your area.

Meet our team

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you have any more questions that remain unanswered.
  • Who is attending the conference?

    We are bringing thought leaders in education to each conference. These will primarily be principals and administrators in K-12 education, from a national and international scope. We are also targeting university administrators who have not yet been to a hackathon or whose school does not currently have a hackathon. Non profits like Boys & Girls Club of America who interact with high school communities and would to teach them about these great hands on learning events are also welcome.

  • What is a hackathon?

    Hackathons are innovation marathons. Students of all varieties come together to learn, build and share their creations. But there is a catch – hackathons provide a limited amount of time. The point is to solve a problem in a short amount of time by working with others. They are a vehicle for creativity and ingenuity. Hackathons are not just limited to students who can code. They are much broader in practice. They can be integrated into any curriculum or can be done in little chunks over a few months culminating in a hackathon event.

    Hackathons teach you to build, design, pitch, create and innovate. To work well under deadlines and to give it your best shot. By giving students an opportunity to individually build a project from start to finish, students develop increased critical thinking skills and have a chance to become better prepared to enter the workforce. This in turn improves the education of the student themselves and helps drive better education in the future. Learn more in the hackathon section here.

  • How did you come up with the idea and who is involved?

    Max Greenwald

    Founder and CEO

    Always interested in promoting better education, Princeton E-club is excited to put on this student run education movement. Dismayed that we were not taught more hands on learning we wanted to create opportunities for other students to experience them too - and the best way to start is from the top-down with educators.

    We're so excited because by focusing on “doing rather than saying” we're actually providing real tangible impact to our attendees and helping students augment their education across the country. We hope our efforts will impact thousands of future engineering students that will come and enjoy Princeton - especially as our initial research shows that hands on learning early on leads to more women and minorities being involved in STEM. Our E-club has 150 members – coders, designers, engineers and dreamers - but 20 have gathered together to work on IgniteSTEM.

    We also have significant involvement from Princeton University (particularly the Keller Center and Council for Science and Technology).

  • What are the conference schedules like?

    Check out an old schedule here!

  • Why is it called IgniteSTEM?

    We want to level the playing field for all students regardless of their background. We’re igniting students to learn skills in STEM fields whether they are a beginner or an expert in a given skill. These processes build teamwork, innovation thought process and time management skills. IgniteSTEM aims to bring hands on approaches for students to learn by doing rather than saying. These hands on approaches are traditionally done in STEM fields but can also apply to English or History classes

  • I want to get more involved!

    Contact us to get more involved and potentially be selected to be a team leader for the conference.

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